W Ohms Law Basics


You connect three 0.5 volt lights in series. Each light has a resistance of 25 ohms.

Answer the following:

1. How many volts are required to light all three lights?

2. What is the total current (I)?

3. Build the circuit with Everycircuit using 3 25 ohm resistors to represent the lights. IN A WORD DOCUMENT, paste a screenshot of the circuit while simulation is active.

4. Replace the 3 25 ohm resistors with 3 LED’s. Simulate the circuit. Based on the in class assignment, why aren’t the LED’s lit?

5. Take a screenshot of the circuit from step 4 and add to the work document. Submit the word document below.

NOTE: If you submit just the images, you will be penalized 20 points!!! Paste them in a word doc and submit the word doc.

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