Professional Nursing

Week 3 Assignment

Based on the specialty area and role that you selected (USE FAMILY NURSE PRACTITIONER) in W1 Assignment 4, in a 3- to 4-page paper (excluding the title page, references, and appendices) create a scenario or case study to illustrate the type of organization you would expect to work in as this type of nursing professional. Include in the scenario or case study:

•List the type of organization.

•List the type of and how many clients it serves.

•Identify the professional fit for advanced nursing role.

•Implement your new nursing role in the organization.

•Identify a board of nursing in your state (FLORIDA) (specifically the Nurse Practice Act), which would support your role in this type of organization.

Must be APA formatted with at least 2 or more peer reviewed articles, and you must include an introduction, body (USE THE BULLET POINTS FOR HEADINGS) all bullet points need to be 5-8 sentences long, and a solid conclusion to wrap up the paper. No PLAGIARISM

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