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write a research proposal about adoption from foreign countries using two sources from this website :…

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write a research proposal. A research proposal is a short summary of your research and thinking processes; this paper is written after you complete initial research about your problem.

The purpose of a proposal is to explain clearly what the problem within your topic is and to state how you will locate answers and potential solution(s) to that problem through research. The specific, primary audience of this paper will be me, since I must approve your topic idea and plan for moving forward on your research, and will give you feedback to help with your research process.

The proposal should be about two – three pages, follow MLA 8 format rules/questions, and should follow this structure:

Topic: In a word or phrase, what is the overall issue you have chosen to research for this project and for Papers 3-5? What made you choose this particular issue? What specific problem within this issue do you plan to research? What made you choose this specific issue and problem?

Preliminary Research. In a sentence or two, provide a brief overview of the research you have gathered so far. Cite the first few sources (at least two) that you have consulted below. Where/how did you locate these sources (for example, the WVU Library main search engine, a specific database, google search, etc.). What information about the issue/problem did these sources provide? Explain.

Define the problem. Write a definition of the problem, being as specific as possible, and are the causes of the problem? Why and how did it happen? Who and/or what seems responsible for the problem?

Stakeholders. Who are the stakeholder groups affected by this problem? What is your personal connection to the problem? Which stakeholder group do you belong to? Besides the stakeholders who are most directly affected, who else is most likely to be aware of the problem? How will they know about it? What is their interest in it?

Potential Solutions. Based on your current knowledge of and connection to the topic, what do you think is the best way to solve the problem? Looking at the research you have conducted so far, what are some other solutions that others have been suggested? Are these solutions practical? Explain.

Research Plan. What is the next step at this point in your research process? Where do you plan to look next for information? Based on the nature of the issue/problem, what types of sources – periodicals (newspapers/magazines), scholarly journal articles, books, websites, personal interviews with experts, etc. – would be most useful to you based on your topic, and why?

What are some questions about the problem/solution you have that were not answered in your preliminary research? Jot down at least 5 – 7 questions (a mix of open and close ended) to help focus the rest of your research.

Assignment Requirements

– topic: choosing a current, relevant issue and identifying a specific problem within the issue that needs to be solved

– evidence of preliminary research using high-quality sources (at least two)

– clear and thorough definition of the problem

– identification of stakeholder groups affected by the problem

– proposing a working solution to the issue

– outlining a plan to continue research process by brainstorming a list of questions you would like to answer in research

– length: 2-3 pages

– MLA format: proposal is in 12 point, Times New Roman font, double spaced throughout, with one inch margins on all sides. Citations in MLA 8.

– adherence to formal, academic tone

Also, I’ll attach you a sample to look at it, and if you have any question feel free to ask.

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