The drug trade affecting Middle and South America

Read the section called “The Drug Wars,” and the section called “The Geography of Cocaine,” in your textbook about the drug trade affecting Middle and South America. Then, I want you to find a specific type of news article. It needs to be a recent article about drug violence in one of the countries in these two regions. Using your article and the textbook as references, what do you think should be done about the drug trade? I will not be grading on whether or not I agree with your opinion; I just want you to explain why you think what you do.

Papers are worth thirty points each. Below are some things for which I may subtract points if they are missing/done incorrectly:

Thesis statement/argument

reference the relevant section of our textbook

reference a relevant news article

include your thoughts and opinions

include a citation to the news article you used (website, title, author, date)

length; at least one full page of text, double-spaced.

grammar and organization

submitting the assignment correctly in Canvas as a Word document

cutting and pasting more than 15% of your paper.

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