Capella University Risk Management for Health Care Discussion Questions

For this week discussion use the Risk Management Handbook for Health Care Organizations text and the Internet to complete the following:

-Review Chapter 6, Early Warning Systems for the Identification of Organizational Risk, pgs181-218. Consider all of the different types of organization risk and possible solutions to common issue currently identified.

Read Chapter 7, The Risk Management Professional and Medication Safety, pgs219-260. The Chapter explores the specific issues related to medication safety. As a high profile issue, medication safety is a problem in all areas of health care from group homes, physician offices, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, and even alternative medicine practices.

– Read the U.S. Department of Justice’s 2009 “Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center Settle False Claims Act Case.”

-Read the Health Care Compliance Association’s 2002 “Code of Ethics for Health Care Compliance Professionals.”

-Read the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s 2003 “National Healthcare Disparities Report.:

-Read the Institute for Healthcare Improvements ” Changes: Medication Systems.”

  • John Hopkins Case Study

Read the John Hopkins case study. It will present you with a scenario and ask you to make a set of decisions. The roles and responsibilities of quality assurance and risk management will be addressed. Please feel free to refer to this scenario for this unit’s discussions and your final assignment. The information in this piece is needed for the next activity, which helps you learn about the national organizations involved in performance measurement. ( I will attached case study).

1. Changes for Improvement

Organizational risk can be managed through many different methods. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) lists many resources to assist with organizational risk analysis, change methods, and applications. There are best practice examples and planning documents, too. This discussion thread will focus on ways to develop a culture of safety through organizational risk analysis.

Go to the IHI’s “Develop a Culture of Safety.” Scroll to the “Changes for Improvement” section. Choose one of the topics listed in this area. In a 250- to 300-word post, synthesize this topic. Propose how this particular topic may be used for your own organization.

2. Incident Reporting

For all of the efforts put forth in risk analysis and risk management, errors and incidents will continue to occur. All health care organizations need incident and accident reports. This discussion thread concentrates on this type of reporting and analysis.

Based on the discussions in Chapter 6 of the text and the additional resources found on the IHI and HCCA Web sites, create a one-page incident report. Please state the type of health care environment (for example, hospital, et), and the type of incident your report would be used for in this environment. Attach your word document to this discussion thread.

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