Reflection -Instructors reasons for choosing problem

Answer each of the following questions based on your reading “Instructors’ reasons for choosing problem features in a calculus-based introductory physics course” by Yerushalmi.(attached)

1. The end of the introduction suggests that readers “reflect on how these problems are similar or different to the problems they use, and then try to articulate their reasons for favoring particular problem features.” Write your reflection based on that prompt now. How are these problems similar or different to what you use? What are your reasons for choosing particular problem features?

2. The paper reveals that instructors seem to have different criteria for how they choose problems for any situation and how they choose problems for exams. Do you have different criteria for choosing problems based on whether the problems are part of a homework assignment, in-class assignment, or test? If so, what is your reasoning?

3. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this study? What do you think a good follow-up study would be?

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