Peer Pressure Influences Gang Behavior among High School Students, assignment help

Your assignment for this first paper is to write a 3-page argumentative essay on a chosen issue. You can choose your own topic, as long as you can make an argument and find research on it.

In your paper, you will identify your main claim (a thesis statement that summarizes your main argument) and justify your main claim using research, reasoning, and logic. Use at least 2 outside, scholarly sources in your paper. Remember to let your ideas and your voice dominate your argument. In other words, don’t simply copy and paste huge chunks of information from your sources. Your sources should just back up the argument you’re making.

At some point in your paper, you are also required to write at least one paragraph acknowledging the opposition (one reason others may oppose your viewpoint). Assess the validity of their reasoning to oppose your claim. Are they using deductive or inductive reasoning? Are they making a strong or weak argument? Next, refute the opposing viewpoint clearly and logically.

You will be working on this assignment during Units 1 and 2. You will submit this assignment in Unit 2; however, you must begin working on this writing assignment in Unit 1 to ensure you have sufficient time to complete it.


  • Your paper must be at least three FULL pages of actual text (not including a references page)
  • Use typical essay format — Use an introduction paragraph (which also contains your main claim/thesis statement), several body paragraphs (with at least one paragraph acknowledging those who may disagree with you), and a conclusion paragraph. In no place in the essay is it acceptable to “announce” where you are going with your writing. For example, please stay away from making statements like “In this essay I am going to explain a time in my life where I have to evaluate my reasoning and analysis skills…” These types of statements should never be necessary if your writing is clear.
  • You must use at least 2 scholarly sources (not counting the textbook) (aka, no Wikipedia, blogs,, etc.)
  • IMPORTANT!! Use proper APA Format and Citation – Remember to use in-text citations for all paraphrases and direct quotations. Remember that you MUST use quotation marks for anything taken word for word from a source. Finally, remember to include a references page that cites your 2 sources in full APA citation. Failure to do so is plagiarism. Note: An abstract is not required. Your name, instructor name, course name (title and section) and date of submission should be listed in upper left corner of first page. (All double-spaced. Title centered at top of first page. No cover sheet or title page necessary). For more information on APA, please visit the Guideline for APA page in the Course Information of this course.
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