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A story board-and-care facility has an occupant load of 100 people floor. that half of the occupants each stair. What the minimum required width of doors into each of the two exit stairs the second floor? is the capacity for each stair? Board and Care occupancies Egress width (door per occupant served 0.2 inches/ occupant Minimum required width of doors (according to NFPA 101) is 32 inches (existing occupancies) 28 inches (new occupancies) occupant Load Factor 100 gross (floor area in sq. ft per occupant)

2. A two story dental care facility, a business occupancy, is being designed. The facility will provide complete dental services, ranging from routine checkups to outpatient dental surgery. The building is 230 ft long and 125 ft wide. The building is not sprinklered protected a. What is the minimum occupant load for which exit capacity must be provided if the building has a 1000 ft2 conference room on the first floor? Assume the conference room on the first floor is for public use (assembly) b. A building of identical dimensions is built next door. The second floor is leased to a software company, and they subdivide the floor to accommodate a server room and several classrooms. If he new occupant load for the second floor is determined to be 310 persons what is the minimum clear width of each of the three exits provided? Business occupancies 100 ft2 person Assembly occupancies (tables and chairs): 15 ft? person Minimum required width of doors is 32 inches gress width per occupant (stairs) served is 0.3 in/ occupant gress width per occupant (doors/hallways) is 0.2 in/occupant

4. If the same 10,000 ft2 is gutted and converted completely into classrooms a. What is the occupant load for the new building? b. What is the minimum egress width for the building?

5. Exit Ramps a. The height of a ramp 30 inches. What is the minimum length the ramp must be for wheelchair b. The height of a ramp is 48 inches. The length is 36 feet-12 inches. According to the BC, could this ramp be used as an egress route? Could it be used for wheelchair egress?

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