in an essay with a minimum of 1500 words address the following

  • In what ways can Durkheim’s definition of social facts be applied to suicide and infant mortality? For example, how does Durkheim explain that suicide is caused by factors external to the individual, and how does the video show that infant mortality in Rochester, New York, is affected by toxic stress produced by the inner city environment?
  • What is toxic stress? Why and how might it contribute to SIDS and low birth weight, according to the video? How could US health services use the social facts in the video to devise better policies to serve pregnant woman in areas of poverty?
  • How does Marx’s model of alienation apply his view of social class to the nature of jobs under capitalism? What are workers alienated from? In what ways might some current American jobs produce alienation?

You will be graded on how well you select the most relevant information, how concisely you present it (avoiding ‘padding’) and the clarity of your writing.

Submit this assignment by putting your essay in the text box or uploading a Word file. Only one submission is permitted

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