Identify a child in your environment, Assessment and Intervention Report help

The purpose of this assignment is to gain knowledge, understanding, and experience by completing essential steps in the OT evaluation process. Each step must be demonstrated through documentation and completed prior to receiving a final grade. Intervention Report must communicate the need for OT services by providing a thorough and appropriate rationale including indicate the setting of where the service will be delivered and frequency recommended.

  • Identify a child in your environment (clinic or friend, preferably not your own child or sibling) between 3 years-0 months through 5 years -11 months of age.
  • Complete an initial interview with parent/caretaker to gather data for the child’s occupational profile and plan for the initial evaluation time and place
  • Complete Peabody Developmental Motor Scales evaluation
  • Interpret/synthesize data- review Power Point for scoring. Remember to count all the consecutive 2’s in a sequence X the item number then add the remaining numbers to get the raw score, use manual to find standard scores, age equivalents, Fine Motor Quotient score and descriptive scores for Grasping and Visual Motor Integration only
  • Formulate an occupation based intervention plan with 1 long term goal and 1 short term goal goal
  • Discharge planning
  • Referral to other disciplines
  • Summary or closing
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