California Miramar Role & Objective of Sales & Operational Planning in Healthcare Industry Paper

Describe the role(s) and objective(s) of sales and operational planning in the healthcare industry.

Why is this important for you to know as you prepare to become a Healthcare Manager/Administrator?

The following educational videos will provide you will a better understanding on these subjects.

Capacity Planning and Scheduling: Forecasting in Health Care

Boston University- 54 min

Next steps in health & medicine — where can technology take us? | Daniel Kraft | TEDxBerlin 21.23 min

Please add references and in-text citations.

Minimum 500 words


Health Care Operations Management: A Systems Perspective, 2nd ed.

Langabeer, J.R. II. & Helton, J.

Jones & Bartlett Learning (2016).

ISBN: 978-1284050066

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