experimental control essay

Find an advertisement claiming that a certain product works better, faster, or longer (this can be any type of media advertisement), and find an experiment used to test the results (you will need to read the small print or google the product – if you can’t find this information, pick a different product). You will evaluate the experimental controls of the study conducted to make that claim.

Submit a 1-2 page (double spaced, APA format) document answering the following questions about the study. Remember to cite/reference the ad.

  1. What is the claim?
  2. How was it tested? Describe the study.
  3. What was the hypothesis?
  4. What is the design of the study?
    • Single-factor or factorial
  5. What are the independent variables?
    • Are these between or within subjects
  6. What is the dependent variable?
  7. Was the experiment appropriate for evaluating the claim? Why or why not?
  8. Were there any confounds?
  9. How would you change the study to more appropriately test this claim? If you are unable to answer the questions above, design a study to test the claim and answer those questions about your study.
  10. My comparison is between Subway restaurants and other burgers restaurants specially Macdonald’s and the thing that Subway claim is their food isncontaining helthier nutritions. But I haven’t find studies yet
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