employment letter assignment

You must write a letter to the owner of the business, Owen Smith, explaining whether Thomas is legally entitled to take time off work to help his brother. The letter shall be no more than one page in length, 12 point Times New Roman font.Sample business letters are uploaded below



Employment Letter Assignment

You are a supervisor for Forklifts Unlimited, and you are facing a dilemma with one of your subordinate employees named Thomas Minke, who has requested time off work to care for his brother who is seriously ill.Owen Smith, the owner of Forklifts Unlimited would like you to make a recommendation regarding Thomas’s request.

Forklifts Unlimited is a company that manufactures parts for forklifts and currently employs 80 full-time employees. The company’s production schedule is busy; employees are currently working three shifts to cover the demand for its parts.

You are Thomas’s supervisor. Thomas is a 38-year-old white male, who has worked for Forklifts Unlimited as a machine operator for fifteen (15) years. Thomas is a divorcee with two children. Thomas came to your office to discuss his difficult situation regarding his brother.Thomas told you his brother, Sam, was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.Thomas is requesting time off work periodically to transport his brother to various medical appointments.

Thomas is Sam’s only immediate family member because their parents are both deceased and Sam has no spouse or children. Thomas promises to give you as much notice as possible of his brother’s appointments. Since business is strong, you will be short-handed without Thomas.

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