anthropology question 400 words

Question :

  1. How might the concept of entanglement challenge the logic of elimination?
  • Clearly demonstrate understanding of both key terms in each essay, including how they connect to larger structures of power (10 points each)
  • Connect discussion in each essay to at least one expressive culture example from lecture (5) and one example from outside lecture, such as readings, student projects, or other found sources, or personal experience. (5)
  • Present the material in a well-organized and carefully written manner that is accessible and understandable (10)
  • Each essay should be between 400 and 600 words. Ten (10) points will be deducted below or above this range
  • Citation: No Bibliography needed, but you will need to put (Author Date) after each citation or example. For direct quotes, use quotation marks and cite immediately following the quotation (Author Date). For everything else that isn’t your own idea, cite at the end of the sentence or, at the very least, at the end of each paragraph. Failure to cite fully will result in a 5-point deduction per essay

I will provide down below with class Powerpoint

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