reading summary about the article

Summary/Response Assignment________________________________________

The purpose of this assignment is to help you improve your reading comprehension skills, identify the main ideas/issues in a text, and to verify your read the assigned readings. Annotating as well as writing about a text often enhances comprehension because it provides you with a tool to visibly and permanently record, connect, analyze, personalize, and manipulate key ideas in text.

Steps to Complete:

Please read and carefully annotate the assigned reading. Once you are done performing a close reading, please create a READING REPORT by writing the following information for each article (you can number each section):

  • SUMMARY: Write down a brief summary (about 1 well-developed paragraph) of the article. Keep in mind that a summary should emphasize the article’s most important idea/argument. The summary should offer a condensed description of the article as a whole and be presented in a neutral fashion.
  • KEY IDEAS/ISSUES: Next, list (and briefly explain and/or delineate on) 3-5 main ideas or issues made by the author in the article as a whole. In general, what claims does the author make to prove, support, or explain their overall argument? Explain each main idea or issue in 1-2 sentences.
  • RESPONSE: YOUR THOUGHTS/ANALYSIS/REFLECTION: How did this article develop, support or challenge your understanding of identity? Where do you see connections (agreement, disagreements, or new viewpoints) between this article and other articles (or videos and conversations) we have considered in class? What is your opinion about the author’s argument? This is your chance to demonstrate your level of engagement with the text. Please articulate your overall thoughts/analysis in 1-2 paragraphs at the end of the report.
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