write 2 pages of bio lap

Biology 140

Prescription Drugs and Herbs and Supplements Lab

Go to the following web address:

HYPERLINK “http://www.fda.gov/Drugs/default.htm” http://www.fda.gov/Drugs/default.htm

Bottom left click on:

Consumers under “Resources for You”

Then Click on:

Part ADietary Supplements

Part B Approved Drugs

Finally Click on:

Part A

Tainted products marketed as dietary supplements potentially dangerous

Tainted Body Building Products

Tainted Sexual Enhancement Products

Tainted Weight Loss Products

Part B

How FDA Evaluates Drugs

FAQs about the FDA Drug Approval Process

Everything you always wanted to know about approved medicines (but didn’t know where to look)

Student responsibility:

Your job as a research scientist is to visit your local grocery or drug store and document (3) dietary supplements and (3)over the counter FDA approved drugs. Use the above FDA links to explain your findings. Explain the claims of (3) dietary supplements and if you think those claims are legitimate, unreasonable or unhealthy. Explain the claims of (3) drugs and their side effects and if you think those side effects warrant the benefits of the drug. You will compose a report following the below guidelines. You will give an introduction discussing the difference between supplements and FDA approved drugs. Document your materials and methods of retrieval of information. Then explain your results from the information collected. Finally, write your conclusion/discussion to explain your research.

Laboratory Write-Up:

Laboratory reports will be written on an individual basis, and will follow a basic journal article format: Introduction/Objective, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion. Be sure to include citations where appropriate. Laboratory write-ups must be turned in by the beginning of the following laboratory session to avoid a late penalty.

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