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The electronic health record (EHR) is frequently viewed as a government-mandated charting system. As simply a replacement for the paper record, however, it was also frequently found to be inconvenient and a distraction to patient care. Broader use of the technology inherent in the EHR in the form of daily reports focused on key information that allows trauma clinical teams to efficiently monitor important information such as specific laboratory results or medications that might be missed or overlooked. In addition, other clinical personnel can monitor and assist in the care of trauma patients from remote locations such as an administrative office. Implementation of EHR reports is feasible, can be easily adopted by the clinical team, and has the potential to promote quality, safety, and efficiency. In addition, this innovation satisfies many of the requirements for meaningful use (Griffith, 2015).

Electronic health records are necessary to not only monitor patient histories, but also to quickly access changes that might affect overall patient care. From a nursing perspective, these records also contribute to more effective nursing care by knowing up-to-the-minute information on patient health information that might affect care delivery. However, this is a fairly new form of record-keeping in the healthcare sector, so understanding how to properly develop and maintain electronic health records (EHRs) and how they can be used effectively in nursing delivery is still ongoing.

Implementing EHRs is a multi-faceted process that requires careful attention to detail and an IT system that can handle the amount of information often found within an HER. This starts with an assessment of the readiness of the facility to move towards electronic recordkeeping (HealthIT.gov, 2017). This is key because many facilities are moving forward with EHR implementation without gaining the technical infrastructure needed to accommodate the amount of information that goes into each record. Moreover, facilities have to be prepared to engage in training that will help staff to more effectively use these records

Challenges of implementing

During personal experience with the implementation process, I’ve found that it can be completely stressful if there is not a specific plan in place to address any pitfalls that might show up in the process. One hiccup can derail the entire implementation and delay it by days, weeks or sometimes even months. Improving the process would consist of completely mapping it out well in advance, so that any potential pitfalls can be anticipated before the implementation process actually begins. By looking at the overall process, those that are technically-inclined might be able to see holes in the implementation process that might trip the facility up during the actual implementation process. Additionally, it is important to address the concerns of the staff at the outset of the implementation process, to ensure that everyone understands what is happening and why. This will also ensure that staff is able to use EHRs with a high level of efficiency, which is important to the success of the process. If nurses are not well-versed in the system, then they won’t know how to use the records when they are engaging in nursing care. If the point of EHRs is to be more effective when providing nursing care, then nurses need to be as well-versed as possible with how this process works and how they can access each file. If they are unsure of how to access files, how to update them and how to use them in nursing care delivery, then they may make costly mistakes when delivering care to patients. This is why planning implementation at the outset of the program and ensuring that everyone receives the proper training is so important when it comes to this form of healthcare information.


Griffith, R. (2015). Patient information: confidentiality and the electronic record. British Journal of Nursing, 24(17), 894-895. doi:10.12968/bjon.2015.24.17.894

HealthIT.gov. (2017). How to Implement EHRs. Retrieved from https://www.healthit.gov/providers-professionals/ehr-implementation-steps.

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