why you should be selected to receive this scholarship

This essay should clearly demonstrate experiences or accomplishments in the areas listed below, and why I should be selected to receive this scholarship:

Leadership and Service: Clearly articulate how I have demonstrated my leadership ability both in and out of school: I’m senior class president, student election clerk for City of Dallas, and I’m a teacher’s aide in church for the younger kids.

Challenges: Describe how I achieved a goal despite struggles or obstacles that may have hindered me; be specific: I moved to Dallas after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans at 3 years old; age 11 grandmother died in 20 days after being diagnosed with cancer; age 13, dad was murdered in front of home; age 14, evicted from house and furniture was placed on curb — I’ve kept a 3.0+ GPA in school; volunteered in the community; captain of cheer team; part-time job, elected senior class president

Financial Need: Provide a more detailed and personal account of a financial need. Describe, from a financial standpoint, what impact would this award would have on my education; I went from a two-parent support system to a one-parent support system working to help my mother.

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