week 11 discussion 4

100 Word responses

Discussion 1

Expound on any of the following topics from Chapter 12: sleep disorders in school-aged children, health and nutrition of school aged-children, mental health of school aged children and health and safety of school-aged children by writing about them in more detail and by finding an internet article that goes into more depth about the topic of your choice. Remember to summarize the article you locate on the internet and include the web address.

Discussion 2

Discuss the major cognitive changes that take place during the middle childhood years. What are some ways that parents/caregivers can enrich the cognitive experience of a child during this time of development? What influences a child’s motivation to learn? Are children “naturally motivated” or are there environmental factors which influence motivation? What are some resources/events in your area that provide fun educational experiences for children?

Discussion 3

David Elkind coined the term the “Hurried Child.” Do you think today’s children experience the “Hurried Child Syndrome?” What are some examples of a “Hurried Child?” What are the implications of raising “Hurried Children?”

Discussion 4

What is adolescence, and what opportunities and risks does it entail? What brain developments occur during adolescence, and how do they affect adolescent behavior?

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