Two Journal Articles Review – 6 pages

I need to read the article and write a 3 pages Articles Review:

There are two article and for each article I need one review 3 pages.

Total 6 pages (3 for article #1 and 3 for article #2)

Each one in one word file, I need to submit two files.

A cover page MUST be included.

Journal Article Review

Name of article
Author(s) (all included)
Publication (be sure to include volume number and date of publication, issue)

Section I

Introduction/Background (if there are terms that need explained or if current procedures or policy need to be described for clarity when discussing the article)

Section II

Summarize each section of the article (except for the abstract)

Section III

Interpretation of article (what the author(s) is/are wanting to express)

Section IV

Opinion of article and how it pertains to nuclear medicine as you have experienced it.

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