True or False Worksheet for Biology

Indicate whether the statement is true or false.


Accepting ideas is the cornerstone of scientific thought. _________________________


Skepticism is a habit of mind in which a person accepts the validity of accepted ideas. _________________________


The law of gravity and the law of conservation of energy are national laws. _________________________


Scientific investigations require ethical behavior. _________________________


Most scientific investigations begin with observations that lead to universal laws. _________________________


hypothesis is a possible explanation that can be tested by observation or experimentation. _________________________


The control group and the experimental group are identical except for one variable. _________________________


hypothesis is a general explanation for a broad range of data. _________________________


International System of Units (SI) is the official name of the metric system. _________________________


A centimeter is equal to 10 millimeters. _________________________


Light and electron autoclaves help magnify objects. _________________________


technique is a way of doing something. _________________________


In the event of a lab accident, one thing you should always do is remain calm. _________________________


Biology is the study of nonliving things. _________________________


A student who wants to study bacteria would take microbiology classes. _________________________


Reproduction insures ongoing generations of both one-celled organisms and frogs. _________________________


Homeostasis is the maintenance of a stable internal environment in spite of changes in the external environment. _________________________


The bacterium that causes cholera is an example of a pathogen. _________________________


Scientists discovered that predicting the spread of cholera involves understanding reproductive behavior of plankton. _________________________


The study of all the factors in the spread of cholera in human populations is an example of ecology. _________________________


Scientists in the 21st century are better able to prevent disease because of their improved understanding of biology. _________________________


The completion of the Human Genome Project was one minor contribution to the ability to cure disease. _________________________


Scientists expect people to live longer lives because of advances in the science of biology. _________________________


The application of technology to medicine has greatly increased the ability of people to live healthy lives. _________________________


Genetic engineering is the only practical application of biotechnology. _________________________


Genetic engineering is widely used in agriculture to produce crops that are pest-resistant. _________________________


Surrounding a drug compound with a layer of atoms that allows for the slow release of the drug is an example of genetic engineering. _________________________


Making a new kind of fastener modeled on the way an aquatic animal fastens onto rocks on the ocean floor is an example of nanotechnology. _________________________


Biometrics involves analyzing large amounts of data on biological characteristics. _________________________


Unique genetic traits, such as hair color, are the most important source of data for biometrics. _________________________


Advances in biotechnology have been slowed by ethical concerns. _________________________


The ethics of different kinds of biotechnology will be decided by individuals and scientists. _________________________


One good way to protect the environment is to learn more about it. _________________________


Environmental science involves neither the study of organisms nor their physical surroundings. _________________________


One reason that wildlife biologists collect DNA samples from endangered species is the hope that these species can be cloned if they become extinct. _________________________


Genetic engineering is used to track the movements of animals in the wild. _________________________


Community environmental groups make problems for environmental research. _________________________

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