Strategic Planning and Post-acute Care Services, health and medicine homework help

  1. To learn about implementing healthcare delivery connected to strategy, read in Essentials of Strategic Planning in Healthcare:
  2. Chapter 10: Strategic Planning and Post-acute Care Services
  3. Chapter 11: Strategic Planning in Health Systems
  4. Chapter 12: Pay for Performance and the Healthcare Value Paradigm
  5. Create an 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation with relevant graphics titled “Strategy Issues in Healthcare Delivery” and address the following concepts:
  6. As Warren Buffet stated, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” Does this apply to pay for performance approaches to physician compensation? Present a few thoughts on pros and cons of physician pay for performance compensation.
  7. The number of hospitals in the U.S. has only marginally increased since 1999, however, the number of hospitals affiliated with systems has increased significantly (Harrison, 2016).
    1. Review the discussion of hospital mergers and acquisitions in Essentials of Strategic Planning in Healthcare, pages 214-215. Communicate how mergers and acquisitions may be changing the face of healthcare delivery within the nation. How do these changes impact the day-to-day work of hospital employees?
    2. Read Essentials of Strategic Planning in Healthcare, pages 218-220. Discuss the importance of strategic planning at the health system level in the merger and acquisition environment. How might system-level leaders effectively engage in these planning processes?
  8. Dr. Debra Harrison stated, “In a culture where there is trust, respect and a moral foundation, the young can grow and the elderly thrive.” How does the network of post-acute care services illustrated in Exhibit 10.1 demonstrate a system supportive of growth and thriving across the generations?
  9. Review the healthcare quality discussion from Essentials of Strategic Planning in Healthcare (pages 234-242) and discuss quality assurance approaches presently taken within your own healthcare organization
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