Someone who knows Chemistry VERY WELL.

This is a Prelaboratory assignment.  I need help.  I will upload the pages if someone bids on it.  It’s about eight questions long with some having multiple parts to them.

To give you a preview of what it is so that you can decide if you would be able to answer these questions correctly please follow these steps.  Also, I did some questions.  Please check those to see if you get similar answers.

1.  Follow this link.,+Part+A.1.+Describe+the+technique+for+mixing+solutions+in+a+%22small%22+test+tube.&source=bl&ots=AenFh7EBnR&sig=UgSmEiadEP3Rv1SwFVBFyZLMuKI&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CB0Q6AEwAGoVChMI65vf4qP8xwIVw1g-Ch3P9g6I#v=onepage&q=Qual%3A%20Common%20ANions&f=false

2.  Type “Qual: Common Anions” in the search box then press “Go”.

3.  Click the first page that shows up on the top.  You will need to scroll down about seven pages until you see Experiment 37 Prelaboratory Assignment Qual: Common Anions.  It will say for the first question “1.  A review of the Dry Lab 4 will make this experiment…”.  These questions are similar to the ones I have to complete.

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