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The world we live in today is faced with different issues and risks. These risks are prone to erupt and cause disasters in our life and thus the need for us to be prepared. There are therefore several agencies who work together in implementing the set policies on dealing with many kinds of disasters that we face in the world today. Many organizations have however benefited from the use of critical model popularly referred to as the All Hazards Emergency Management model which require the same treatment for all kinds of hazards to ensure that there is the proper recovery of the same.

Selected hazard

One of the most devastating hazards that have occurred in the United States is the 2009 Samoa Tsunami in the southwest Pacific Ocean. It is described as one of the greatest earthquakes in the region. It measured a magnitude of 8.0 and thus caused the significant and devastating destruction of property on the island (Thomas & Burbidge, 2009). Not only did it destroy physical properties but all caused loss of life of many on Samoa as well as on American Samoa and across the region of Tonga.

It is believed that the tsunami was a result of rather an unusual kind of earthquake that happens in the ocean trenches which did not separate the tectonic plates in its movement. This was an outer rise earthquake and was bound to cause devastation as it is one of the most peculiar kind of earthquakes that do not occur regularly, but when they occur, they cause much destruction (Thomas & Burbidge, 2009). This disaster was so devastating as masses of water and quakes originating from the sea toppled on the Islands causing deaths and destruction. More than 189 deaths were reported with many missing at took long to be traced. Many were also displace.

Using the All hazard model

This being a natural disaster, it ought to be treated as any other kind of disaster. There is a need to have the same initiative as it would be on the triggered human disasters as well as issues such as terrorist attacks and the like. There is the need to have the proper citation of impending disaster in any place across the region. This would have ensured that there is adequate preparedness for the kind of disaster that could have occurred in the region. Planners would need experience on the recent disaster in the region and understand how they were dealt with and what need to be improved to ensure there is proper preparedness regarding the disaster that might occur. There is also the need to have proper communication of the threats. With the media attention, the disasters need to be communicated across the region while at the same time being keen on how the region could be saved from the disaster. The all-hazard model would be proper in ensuring that there is adequate response plan that would have saved more lives and properties. This could have opened a much wider perspective that would have brought attention in terms of the solution to prevent more hazardous effects, as well as ensure there is averting of any impact that would have caused more harm (Bendaoui, El Hammoumi, Gueraoui, Kerroum, Elghachi, Ghouli, & El Mouraouah (2010). These mitigation efforts will reduce more deaths as well as psychological effects together with ensuring proper social and economic recovery in the region.


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” I am going to use the Discussion Rubric to give you more specific feedback on your posting. I will wait to post that feedback and the rubric in the Grade Center until after you have posted a response posting. In the meantime, here is a comment on a substantive aspect of your posting: It would be interesting to compare the ways in which this disaster was addressed and the way in which the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami of 2004was addressed. For instance, to what extent if any, had those with emergency management responsibilities during the Samoan Tsunami of 2009 learned from the inadequacies of the preparedness and response efforts to the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami of 2004? Was the approach taken in Samoa in 2009 informed by more of an all-hazards approach as a result of lessons that could have been learned from the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami? Had warning systems been added in Samoa after the Asian Tsunami had occurred in 2004 and did those warning systems make a difference?”

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