Research Experiment Research Notes and Introduction, science homework help

For this assignment you will need to Review a Pathogen Resistance Experience.

Pathogen Resistance Review:

Test the effectiveness of cleaners in preventing mold and bacteria growth. Mix a set amount of cleaners and water and apply it to a piece of bread,repeating for each type of cleaner you want to test. Place bread in separate baggies and monitor growth. Graph present of the bread covered in mold by day.You will need to provide a Graph for this experiment

Pathogen Resistance Research Notes

Next you will complete 3 separate Pathogen Resistance Research Notes,that should include 3 credible sources,author name,title of article,where it is published, date last published date last published or edited.Page number if available or link, to webpage.Notes: Key information,quotes,scientific facts with data,pictures, and graphs.You must also complete 3 summaries which consist of a paragraph for each research notes.

You also need one 300 word introduction after the Research notes are completed .The Introduction must include a lab report and the

Introduction should include the following:

1.The objective of the experiment

2.Relevant Background information

3.Relevant experiments and their results

4.In text citations for atleast 3 credible sources.

5.A brief description of what is expected along with a hypothesis of outcomes.

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