questions arts history


choose between (Impressionism or American radicals) and answer the chosen topic.

How has the public response to Impressionism changed from their first exhibition in 1874 until today?

American radicals?

Many of the American artists active in Paris in the late 19th century were radical is various ways. Which artists do you think were particularly daring or important? Explain why.


choose between (Post-Impressionists or Categories and -isms) and answer the chosen topic.

Some Post-Impressionists adopted a more analytical approach to art making while others sought deeper symbolism in art. In your opinion, which has a greater impact today and why?

Categories and -isms
In this Unit we’ve talked about a lot of -isms, including Modernism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, etc. Who invents these terms and do you think they’re important to the study of Art History?

– please use examples to support the answers.

– 1 paragraph per answer, total 2 paragraphs.

– no reference needed, no quotations.

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