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When you are gathering and interpreting information about receivers, you are conducting an ________________________.

You can easily reach, influence, motivate, or entertain an audience without knowing about its members T OR F

Why is it important to be an audience-centered speaker?

The age of the audience is rarely a factor to consider. T OR F

What might happen if you speak below an audience’s knowledge level?

At which stage in the interview is rapport (or first impression) built? OPENING,BODY,CLOSE,OUTLINE

A ______________ is similar to a persuasive presentation in a business setting. BRIEF,PITCH,REPORT,ARGUMENT

A needs analysis is used to:?

Determine the target audience’s current skill level

Decide on the outcomes or goals sought

Set the criteria or skills level for determining if the goals of the training session are fulfilled

All of the above

How much of communication is nonverbal? 50%,66%.95%,25%

___________________ is the study of space and the way people use and perceive it.

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