Psychoeducational , health and medicine homework help

The book you going to be reading for to do this paper is called Stone, D., Patton, B., & Heen, S. (2010). Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most. Penguin Books. ISBN: 978-0-14-311844-2..

Health professionals are often called upon to develop and lead psychoeducational groups for their clients, community members or other health professionals. Therefore, it is important for students pursuing careers in the health professions to develop basic competency in leading such groups.

You will pursue a topic of interest, and that will be the basis of your psychoeducational group protocol. During class #3, you will choose topic in collaboration with your small group members. Each group member will explore and lead a group on a different topic. You will lead your group about a topic at the end of the semester. We will discuss potential topics during class 3.

In order to successfully lead a group, it is necessary to gather your resources, develop a timeline, and write a plan detailing the presentation. This plan is your group proposal.

Your group protocol should be submitted using the following format and include all the information requested as per the description below.

A. Introduction:

B. Objectives:




C. Strategies to engage participants:

1. Main points of mini-lecture

2. Description of activity

D. Preparation:

E. Procedure:

F. References (separate page)

Description of sections:

A. Introduction: Describe what your topic is and why it is relevant to your potential group members. Included in this section will be a citation(s) from your literature review which describes the relevant research you will use to support your topic. An average introduction is not shorter than ½ page, and no longer than 1 page

B. Objectives for your session- Objectives are the goals you are setting for your session. Think about what your members will know/learn as a result of being in this group. Three or four objectives are typical; you may have more but be aware that the objectives should be attainable as the result of this one group that you will lead. It will be easier for you if you keep your objectives measurable; what will your group members be able to DO as a result of this activity?

C. Strategies- Describe how you plan to engage participants in exploring and learning about the session’s topic. This should include a brief introductory lecture (identify main points of your lecture in the group proposal), followed by one or more of the following: paper and pencil activity, game, or exercise (briefly name/describe any activity, game or exercise you will be using- e.g.: rock painting activity).

D. Preparation- Describe what you will do to prepare for the session (i.e. make handouts, obtain materials, ensure adequate set-up, etc.).

E. Procedure: You can use the Nina Brown text or Jacobs text for help with this section. Significant time and preparation should be spent on writing this section. This lays out the lan for your session. Your procedure section is to include an estimated time-frame for each part of the session. In the procedure section, include the following:

a) Tell me what you will say to how you will introduce the session; what will you say as you begin your group?
b) Tell me what you will say when you introduce an activity or exercise.

c) Tell me what you will have the group members do.

d) Describe the activity in detail, and what you will do to organize the activity, and keep your group members engaged throughout the activity. (C and d can be combined, but you need to detail both the activity, and process).

e) Provide a description of how you will process the group activity with your members. Develop and write 4-5 questions that you can ask which will help you to learn how your members have benefitted from the activity.

Processing: Provide sample questions that you may tentatively use to facilitate discussion during the last ten minutes of your group. Consider questions that focus on what the group members will have just experienced within your group, how their group experience might relate to their everyday life, and how the group members may consider using what they learned in the future.

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