PPT 15-20 slides about compartment syndrome. For medical tutors

Power point about Compartment Syndrome, 15-20 slides with a brief description for each slide in Microsoft word.

Important Instructions:

1- Very brief points in the slides (not detailed, the details in the brief description for each slide in Microsoft word)

2- Include pictures in each slide (Some slides may not need pics)

Outline of the slides:

1- What is Compartment syndrome?

2- Past events (disasters or mass casualty incidents) included compartment syndrome with some statistics.

3- Pathophysiology of compartment syndrome.

4- Triage and identification of compartment syndrome

5- Signs and symptoms

6- complications if not treated or if treatment delayed

7- Causes of compartment syndrome. Blast injuries

8- Prehospital management

9- Hospital management

10- References (Official websites or official medical journals).

Useful References:

– Center for Disease Control and prevention (CDC)

– blast injury as a cause is of compartment syndrome is included in the attached file below (also include some information about it)

Important notice:

Please focus in the prehospital and hospital management and treatment (Including medicines, Fasciotomies, and other treatment) , and make sure its totally comprehensive.

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