please use the guidelines below to analyze the case of quot william jefferson clinton v paula corbin jones quot

  • Your responses should be well-rounded and analytical, and should not just provide a conclusion or an opinion without explaining the reason for the choice. For full credit, you need to use the material from the week’s lectures, text and/or discussions when responding to the questions.Post a case analysis of a listed problem for the week in the corresponding weeks assignment dropbox. The case assignments are posted below in the Study Groups.
  • The assignment should consist of a Word Document . It should include a summary of the relevant facts, the law, judicial opinion and answer the case questions. All that is necessary for an understanding of the case is important and required.
  • The report must go beyond the discussion of the problem posed in the textbook, to achieve a superior grade. Do research outside the textbook- this must include research outside the case citation such as the Lexus-Nexis in the DeVry Library or, do research on the parties and circumstances of the case itself and incorporate some visual modality as a part of the case analysis.something about one of the parties, as well as some background contained in the legal opinion. Doing significant research outside the textbook is essential.
  • Utilize the case format below.
  • Your grade comes from the content contained in the actual submission.

Case Analysis Format

  1. Read and understand the case or question assigned. Show your Analysis and Reasoning and make it clear you understand the material. Be sure to incorporate the concepts of the chapter we are studying to show your reasoning. Dedicate at least one heading to each following outline topic:Parties [Identify the plaintiff and the defendant]Facts[Summarize only those facts critical to the outcome of the case]Procedure [Who brought the appeal? What was the outcome in the lower court(s)?]Issue [Note the central question or questions on which the case turns]Explain the applicable law(s). Use the textbook here. The law should come from the same chapter as the case. Be sure to use citations from the textbook including page numbers.Holding [How did the court resolve the issue(s)? Who won?]Reasoning [Explain the logic that supported the court’s decision]
  2. Do significant research outside of the book and demonstrate that you have in a very obvious way. This refers to research beyond the legal research. This involves something about the parties or other interesting related area. Show something you have discovered about the case, parties or other important element from your own research. Be sure this is obvious and adds value beyond the legal reasoning of the case.
  3. Dedicate 1 heading to each of the case question(s) immediately following the case, if there are any. Be sure to restate and fully answer the questions.
  4. Quality in terms of substance, form, grammar and context. Be entertaining! Use excellent visual material!
  5. Wrap up with a Conclusion. This should summarize the key aspects of the decision and also your recommendations on the court’s ruling.
  6. Include citations and a reference page with your sources. Use APA style citations and references.

Submit your assignment.

Grading Rubrics

  • A: Every point in this section is met.
  • B: One point is missed, but the remainder of the requirements is well met.
  • C: More than one point is missed. The paper cover the material but only adequately.
  • D: The paper misses many of the requirements.
  • F: The paper was turned in but does not demonstrate that much work was done.
  • 0: Nothing was submitted or the material was in violation of school policies.

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