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Financial performance

in the 2017 financial year, the company has reported a very weak financial performance. This means that rising funds to cater for its expansion and shield it from competitors will not be possible. The operating income has also reduced significantly by 5.4% while net income reduced by 3.3% (Sarsby, 2016).


Operations of the company are hindered by various litigations that have been filed against it. These litigations may end up into penalties and fines which will in turn increase the cost of operation (Sarsby, 2016). A good example is the lawsuit that was filed against the company in May 2016 by Lisa O’Rourke who claimed that she was sacked because she was removed her ovaries and breast to avoid cancer. The annual rates of dividends have also grown from $1.20 in 2016 to $ 1.60 in 2017.

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