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Nebular Hypothesis of Solar System Formation – Geology Guy on the Animation

  1. The animation illustrates the Nebular Hypothesis, which is the current idea that governs our understanding of the formation of planetary systems.
  2. This hypothesis was originally formulated in the early 18th century and eventually gave rise to modern cosmogony, the study of the origins of the universe.
  3. The animation was finalized before the 2006 International Astronomical Union reclassification of Pluto. Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet (and renamed 134340 Pluto) as part of the IAU decision to define the term “planet” and designate the new class of planetary bodies. Pluto was characterized as not “clearing its neighborhood” as it shares its orbital zone with objects of the Kuiper belt.
  4. Further out from the sun is the proposed realm of long-period comets known as the Oort cloud. This is the furthest extent of gravitational influence that our sun has over celestial bodies and therefore defines the boundary of the solar system. As we continue to develop better telescopes and plan more space exploration missions, many more secrets of the solar system are revealed
    Please view the Animation – Origins of the Solar System and Earth before working on this assignment. (See original hypothesis also includes talk of the origin of Earth’s moon.)

    1. Review a second hypothesis about the origin of Earth’s moon.
    2. Compare the two hypotheses in a 1-page report.
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