Of the three different levels of analysis

For this assignment you will review the following post, and provide feedback and a thoughtful opinion. Please respond with 200 words.

Of the three different levels of analysis, I would argue that the systemic level is the most appropriate in regards to climate change. The reason being that a climate shift would in turn effect the entire world if not the majority. From my understanding the systemic level of analysis focuses on broader populations such as countries as a whole, for example international laws. So if measures were taken on a systemic level, it would have the most substantial effects. After the systemic level of analysis I proclaim the domestic level to be of second importance when devising a plan to maintain climate shifts or even just discussing the topic. I chose the domestic system for second place almost for the exact same reasons as I chose the systemic for first.

As a domestic system includes the citizens of a country, I believe climate change would effect and be of importance to all of them. At the same time it would also take a large group of participators to make a big difference in such a matter. Of the different levels of analysis I would assume the individual level to be the least of appropriate. The reasoning for this is that an individual system level focuses on a minimal amount subjects such as the leaders of a country. Although I think everyones decisions effect our planets climate issues I feel like for the sake of the discussion an individual level is just the least appropriate answer. For such a topic, the more individuals willing to make a change in their ways will have a greater effect on the world. Also, such an issue already effects people on a larger scale so even if citizens are not aware of the issue, they are already involved in the systemic level.

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