NSG486 Phoenix Public Health Planning and Morbidity and Mortality Concept Map Paper

This is a 2 part assignment, “Public Health Planning” the first part is an 875 word or greater paper on public health planning and I chose mental health in Illinois as my healthy people 2020 leading health indicator. The second part of the two part assignment is ” Morbidity and Mortality” making a concept map with 5 indicators related to the mental health leading health indicators such as major depressive episode, suicide, (mental and physical heath are inextricably related). Mostly depression that increases risk of suicide, high BP, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, substance abuse.

I am attaching websites to find all the data for America and for Illinois. Along with the grading rubric and assignment instructions. I am having leg surgery tomorrow am, so If I don’t respond to anything tomorrow I will by Thursday.

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