NRS4600 Ohio university Business Principles Associated with Patient and System Cost Paper

This week you have read about several areas of financing as it relates to the health care system and some health care retail areas that may be of interests. For this assignment, put yourself in a nurse manager, director of nursing, Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), or business owner role. Discuss three or more business principles listed below (in your own words) which are needed to maintain safe, quality, patient-centered care that is fiscally sound, provide supportive data. In your discussion consider:

  • Why have you selected the business principles?
  • Are the business principles used at your current facility?
    • If you feel that they are, give supportive examples.
    • If you feel they are not give examples of how they could be implemented.
  • Why are those specific principles important in health care?
  • Why are those specific principles important to you?

Your initial post must be posted before you can view and respond to colleagues, must contain minimum of two (2) references, in addition to examples from your personal experiences to augment the topic. The goal is to make your post interesting and engaging so others will want to read/respond to it. Synthesize and summarize from your resources in order to avoid the use of direct quotes, which can often be dry and boring. No direct quotes are allowed in the discussion board posts.

-Business Principles

-Decide what you do (and what you don’t do)

-Decide who you serve (and focus on them intensely)

-Decide what makes you different (and do it)

-Manage cash flow (very closely)

-Manage employees (incentivize them for success)

-Manage customer expectations (under promise and over deliver)

-Set goals (and go after them)

-Expose yourself (tell the market what you do)

-Persevere (through the tough times)

-Always maintain your integrity (in everything you do)

200 word minimum, no need for cover page, 2 references required

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