Menu Planning Project

Menu Planning Project

Be Creative! Be Colorful! But Most of All, Be Nutritionally Balanced!!

General Instructions:

ØPick a population for whom you will plan menus.Incorporate the name of the population in your title.(Examples:Jenny’s Daycare Menu; My Family Menu; Leonardo’s Italian Restaurant Menu; Heart Healthy Menu, etc…)

ØPlan 3 days worth of menus (breakfast, lunch, dinner, & snacks, as applicable) utilizing all of the nutritional guidelines you have learned:

MyPlate, Dietary Guidelines for Americans, ABCDMV (The 6 Diet Planning Principles), RDA’s/DRI’s, Etc.Also keep in mind the importance of color, texture and temperature.

ØYou do not need to list portion sizes of the food/beverage items, nor do you need to calculate a nutritional analysis of the menu.

ØMenus will be graded for nutritional adequacy, with respect to the above guidelines as compared to the population you choose.

ØUse MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint or Publisher only.

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