Literature reviews


Part 1: Selection of 15 Articles

Select 15 empirical articles within last 5 years related to Research question. Use the “Empirical Research Checklist” worksheet to ensure that each article you select meets all of the established criteria. At least one article must demonstrate a quantitative methodology. Using these 15 articles, provide a summary review of each component using attached “Research Article Chart” template. (For all 15 articles, even it’s only listed 3 in the template)

Research question: Can a combination intervention (bladder training and timed-voiding program) decrease unassisted bathroom related falls in post ischemic stroke patients on a rehabilitation unit?

(This research is to examine if the bladder-training program which is timed-voiding can help decreasing unassisted falls in post ischemic stroke pt. To examine the relationship in these 2 variables has NOTHING to do with socioeconomic status, aging or genders, or quality in life! Anyone can have stroke, does not matter of the age, gender, socioeconomic or Which State/country they live. The point is: if the staff assist these pts to the bathroom to void every 2-3 hours, that could decrease the chance for pts have to get up on their own (to use bathroom) which decrease chances of falls!)

Part 2: Literature Review

Write a Literature Review about 2,000-3,000 words. Please focusing on the research question.

Utilizing the major concepts identified & further develop each major concept and subtheme by using these15 empirical articles related to topic.

Use the “Research Article Chart” as a guide to analyze and synthesize (summarize) the literature into the paper.

Summarize each major concept and focus on providing a detailed synthesis of the three identified subthemes that support that concept by addressing the following.

  1. Introduction of the identified subtheme
  2. Summary of the research questions posed by the studies
  3. Summary of the sample populations used
  4. Summary of the limitations of the studies
  5. Summary of the conclusion and recommendations for further research

In-text citations

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