Indoor Air Pollutants Power Point Presentation help


I need help with the following:

Power Point Presentaion on  Indoor Air Pollutants and How They Affect Your Health. 

This presentation must consist of 10 -15 slides 

– presentations must have speaker notes

  • Address the following in the presentation:
    • A brief description
    • Types of air pollutants
    • Health problems with indoor air pollutants
    • Ways of preventing indoor air pollutants
    • Treatments for health problems from indoor air pollutants
    • A conclusion
    • Provide a brief overview of the other 3 categories in three slides (one category per slide).
    • The other 3 categories are:  
    • – Category 1: Conventional Medicine and CAM
    • Category 2: Factors That Contribute to Violence in the Home
    • Category 3: Health Challenges Faced by Older Adults

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