how do you resolve the ethical conflict of following the rules and guidelines of accounting by whistleblowing

Respond to the following:

Situate yourself as a CPA in your assigned Accounting firm. You are on the ethics committee of the firm. An anonymous internal whistleblower has been informed of an ethical breach and has reported the following situation.

A tax accountant in the firm is told by his superior to take a position on a tax matter that is not supportable by the facts in order to make the client happy. [create a short example]. The likelihood of the IRS questioning it is remote. However, it is not common or expected according to the published values of the Accounting firm. How will you resolve this ethical conflict? (Mintz, 2011, adapted).

Analytical Requirements: Introduce the situation from the textbook and the values of your assigned Accounting firm (cite and reference both). Step through the elements using facts, logical reasoning, and appropriate responses as a CPA and member of the AICPA. Support your conclusion.

Scope: Your original response should be 350- 500 words in length and meet the APA and writing standards as shown in the CWE for Masters Level II. Follow up responses should be 150 words in length.

Professional references (no third party): Required: AICPA Code of Professional Conduct, a professional Accountancy journal from the United States of America, ethical guidance. Recommended: content from the textbook, peer reviewed ethical websites (not professor in courses websites), Journal of Business Ethics and related literature.

For assigned Accounting firm questions, specifically used and linked resources from the firm’s website.

Post in a new thread your response in the discussion area by Saturday. Late policy applies 25% per day. Follow up throughout the week.

Format your response consistent with APA guidelines. APA standards are in effect for Master’s Level Two as supported within the CWE. Follow Instructor’s policies for consistent citation and referencing of resources.

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