Healthcare Finance and Management: LITERATURE REVIEW: Topic is MEDICARE’S SERVICE BENEFIT PLAN

Conduct a literature search on MEDICARE’S SERVICE PLAN selecting AMBULATORY PAYMENT CATEGORIES (APCs) as the Prospective Payment Mechanism. Select 5-7 current (2014 -2018) relevant, scholarly articles to review. CAREFULLY review these articles. Outline your paper as follows: 1) FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT CONCEPT: Identify and briefly describe the financial management concept and your reason for selecting it. (2) COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS: Write a comparative analysis of the articles by evaluating each and determining the current “state of the art” or what is collectively known and known about the topic from the recent literature you have collected. Avoid simply reviewing each article and avoid summaries although it is appropriate to summarize information within the context of your analysis. Rather, seek to understand what the corpus of literature indicates now and write about that in your own words preferable as this assignment seeks to encourage your critical review and comparative analysis of the articles. (3) ROLE APPLICATION: Finally, describe how you would apply what you have learned through this literature review to your current or anticipated nursing leadership role in the future. Identify what questions your review has raised that you would like to investigate further.

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