Health Information Exchange and the Electronic Health Record Power Point, health and medicine homework help

Health Information Exchange (HIE) is a strategy implemented by the federal government that allows healthcare providers and patients to access and share confidential healthcare information in a secure manner that will improve the quality of care patients receive.

Research HIE and learn more about how HIE affects patient care.

Prepare a brief PowerPoint presentation with 3 to 5 slides that explains HIE and how it can affect patient care.

Your PowerPoint slides should include the following:

  • Original work
  • Title slide
  • Clear, concise and logical information
  • You may use voice over narration to explain your slides or other screen capture software such as Jing or Screencast-O-Matic
    • If using other screen capture software submit your link in a PowerPoint
  • No more than 5 slides but no less than 3 slides
  • No spelling or grammar errors
  • All sources must be cited at the end of your presentation
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