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Please review the post below by my classmate, and respond to in detail. Carefully consider the partnership ideas my classmate is proposing, and take on the role of a consultant. What questions would you ask to evaluate whether the partnership might be viable? What suggestions do you have about the logical next steps that my classmate has outlined. What other advice would you offer to help ensure that the partnership has an opportunity to succeed? This is a discussion assignment and the answer has to be 150 words with two critical thinking questions along with one peer-reviewed reference and citation. Thank you.

The focus of my paper is to discuss the effects of immigration and its correlation to hypertension in immigrants. A deeper understanding of how acculturation of the western world has negatively impacted the health of immigrants who have migrated to the United States for a wide variety of reasons. One must understand why and how hypertension affects the health of immigrants and why this is an occurrence. Lesser et al, 2014, explains the term “healthy immigrant effect” as what occurs to immigrants when they first migrate and when they have established some years acculturating to American’s western diet and adjusting to social stressors post-migration. Immigrants migrate to the United States at their healthiest but after years of eating for convenience and adjusting to the stressors of migration, one’s health begins to deteriorate.

A study by Simon Fraizer University research department reported that 70% of Asian immigrants received information about healthier foods when they first migrated and 65% made a conscious effort to adjust to a healthier lifestyle upon arrival. However, immigrants that have spent between 21-32 years in these United States have reported frequent use of microwaveable foods and socioeconomic stress factors. Both of which contribute to the high rate of hypertension among immigrant groups. Akresh, 2007, notes that the migration of Hispanics to the United States resulted in higher rates of obesity due to the acculturation of the nutritional diet. Migrating to a new country is highly stressful which can lead to a decrease in mental health which ties right back to hypertension.

Mazouz, et al (2008) discuss that public and private organizations basically make up for what each does not provide. The collaboration (public-private partnership) creates a strong system for which my action plan can flourish. According to Curtis, et al (2007) the public sector ties in political legitimacy, institutional anchors, delivery infrastructure, and access to resources and expenses while the private sector ties in the resources through donation, free or subsidized drugs, and products. The logical steps to take would be to incorporate non-profit organizations with big health corporations to not only get the word out about reducing the number of new hypertension cases in the immigrant community, but also get more voices out into the target neighborhoods, inviting people with high-risk to take part in health screenings and nutritional facts and myths.

Diversity Rx is a not-for-profit organization that has been heavily funded by the California Endowment. It is a quietly large organization that has partnered with the Department of Health and Human Services, Agency for Healthcare Research, Joint Commission, and the National Committee for Quality Assurance, to name a few. With its variety of partners, Diversity Rx has been able to set in place an initiative entitled “Your Voice” which allows people to network, offer support, and learn from each other about what steps they are taking to improve the health of immigrants in their respective communities. Diversity Rx has a mission to improve health care for immigrants, minorities and indigenous communities.

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