Grossmont College Consumer Genetic Testing Questions

This is for ANTHROPOLOGY class NOT for Biology

please make sure the answer fits into the Anthropology field because i couldn’t find it in the field section to select it,

this is a discussion question PLEASE follow the instruction below:

Advances in genetic technology like genetic and genomic testing and gene editing are transforming human biological sciences, but are creating new ethical dilemmas. Here, we address the implications of direct-to-consumer genetic testing.

FDA Approves Marketing of Consumer Genetic Tests (NPR, 4/7/17) (Links to an external site.)

I had My DNA Picture Taken, With Varying Results (New York Times, 12/30/13) (Links to an external site.)

Read the two articles (links above) and then address the following questions in your post :

1. Would you be interested in having such a genetic test done? Why or why not? If you have had a consumer DNA test done and would like to share your experiences, you are welcome to do so.

2. Would you want to know if you were destined to contract an incurable degenerative disease such as Huntington’s disease or Alzheimer’s later in life? Would the results of such a test cause you to alter your lifestyle?

3. What concerns (with regard to ethics, privacy, etc.) might arise with the widespread use of such tests?

Please follow the instruction ans answer each question in a paragraph each.

Thank you

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