Flowers, Fruits and Seeds, 9.02 Lab assignment help


  1. You will learn about the structure of flowers, fruits and seeds.
  2. You should be able to identify the various parts of a typical flower and give their functions.
  3. You will learn what represents the male gametophyte and female gametophyte in flowering plants, and what is meant by the term “alternation of generations”.
  4. You will learn about the processes of microsporogenesis, megasporogenesis, and pollination.
  5. You should be able to describe the “double fertilization” that is unique to flowering plants.
  6. You will learn the function/value of fruits to both the plant as well as humans.
  7. You will learn about the major types of asexual reproduction among flowering plants.

Time Requirements:

This lab should take three hours to complete.

Recording Your Observations:

Click here to download the lab report for this lab.


  1. Obtain a flower (preferably a large gladiolus or lily, but NOT a sunflower, carnation, or daisy) you have bought from your local grocery store or from your own garden. You will need to know the identity of the flower. If possible, take several digital photos of the flower as you dissect it.
  2. Make a sketch of the flower you have and identify its parts. If you could not get a flower, use the flower in the image below.


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