essay question 64

Topic: write about the Multinational Corporations (Effect on politics/policy, society, environment, drivers of change/development)


  • Use at least one of the systems (International level, State level, Individual level) to analyze your chosen international phenomenon.The research paper should have a succinct introduction related to your topic, a clearly defined thesis indicating the lens you will be using for your analysis, body paragraphs supporting your thesis and a conclusion.
  • Begin with a succinct introduction related to your topic and a clearly defined thesis (assertion of what you intend to prove in the paper) indicating the lenses you will be using for your analysis.
  • Include explanations of the ways in which individuals develop, interact and organize themselves in at least one sphere (political, religious, social, economic, etc.) as it pertains to your topic
  • Demonstrate the significance and vitality of social organizations ranging from groups to institutions in your topic
  • Incorporate specific examples and evidence from scholarly sources into your paper, and explain how they relate to your thesis. You must use reputable/scholarly sources.Do not rely too heavily on one source.Although there is not a minimum number of sources, you will likely need 3+ sources to sufficiently support your thesis statement.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of contenting explanations or interpretations for social, behavioral or historical phenomena as it pertains to your topic.
  • Evaluate the evidence supporting conclusions about the behavior of individuals, groups, institutions or organizations as they relate to your topic.
  • Assess the role of diversity among individuals, cultures or societies in the context of your topic.
  • Identify ways social, behavioral or historical knowledge can impact personal, ethical, civic or global decisions and responsibilities.
  • Illustrate the global interconnections through your topic and the impact of your topic on global stability/stewardship.
  • Organize your paper logically by grouping together related evidence to show patterns, similarities and/or differences related to the focus of your paper.
  • Conclude by summarizing the major points you have made in the paper and pointing out how they have led you to your conclusion. Your conclusion should match your thesis.
  • 1300 to 1500 words
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