Environmental Change paper

For this assignment, you will choose behavior that you will change that has an impact on the environment.  You can refer to the results of your Ecological Footprint assignment for potential behaviors that you should focus on.  You must pledge to make one environmental modification to your daily routine for 7 days.  Modifications may include one of the following:

·  Not using motorized vehicles (walking or biking everywhere)

·  Using only public transportation (no personal vehicles)

·  Avoiding food and beverages that contain one of the following: Genetically Modified Organisms, High Fructose Corn Syrup, artificial colors and flavors, or preservatives

·  Only use reusable BPA free containers (no fast food containers, pizza boxes, soda or water bottle, microwaved meals, etc.)

·  Alternative modifications approved by the instructor

Once you choose a behavior to change, track the behavior for a week PRIOR to making a change.  These data will serve as a baseline that you will use for change calculations.  After you have tracked your usual behavior for one week, then make the environmental behavior change.  Continue to track the behavior for the next seven days.

Be sure to investigate your options thoroughly.  Research the environmental impact of the chosen behavior, how it can impact health, provide data related to the behavior (i.e. if you are omitting driving, you can calculate that driving x miles per day produces x amount of environmental pollution.  Calculate your average driving for one week.  Describe the pollutants, their health impact, and methods to reduce the pollution.  Then calculate how abstaining from that behavior for one week can impact the environment and health outcomes).  Data should be for 14 full days (7 days of driving, 7 days not driving), and some projections of the impact you would make if you continue your effort.

Upon completion of the week-long behavior modification, you will write a 4 page paper that will include the following parts (Note: Graduate student must submit a paper that is 6 pages with 8 references):

1.  Background literature on the behavior including environmental impacts (10%);

2.  Background literature on the behavior including health impacts (30%);

3.  A rough calculation of what your modification could mean for the environment and health outcomes (20%); and

4.  A personal reflection describing the process, including any barriers to maintaining the new behavior, your feelings while implementing the behavior, the reactions of your family and peers, and any lessons learned (40%).

5.  At least 4 reputable references in APA format.

Guidelines checklist (451; half points for 551):

1.  Proposal submitted and approved (10 points)

2.  Saved as: HLTH451551_BhvrChng_S16_LastName (3 points)

3.  4 pages in length excluding references/6 pages for grad students (5 points)

4.  1 inch margins, 12 point font in Ariel/Times, Double spaced (1 point each)

5.  4 reputable references (minimum) (4 points)

6.  Journal information saved at the end of the references (food diary/mileage logs/ usage logs) (15 points)

7.  Grads need 1.5 times the length of writing and 2x the number of references.

-1 point for each spelling, grammar, punctuation, and APA formatting error.  You should have in-text citations in APA format, (Author, Year) AND a reference page.  All references need to match the citations. (-1 for each error).  The final project is due to be uploaded to Bb.

I already choose the behavior to change and did the proposal I will post it to complete the paper based on the proposal that I have done , you need to follow the instructions that it’s already post above but you need to view that to see the rubric.


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