elaborate on the strength and weakness of NPV method

1. Elaborate on the strength and weakness of NPV method. Discuss the decision that have to be made contemplating the replacing an older, existing asset with a newer, more cost efficient one. 2 paragraphs

2. Discuss the HITECH Act and if health care organizations are meeting the requirements of the act. 2 paragraphs

3. Prepare 10-12 questions that you plan to use to interview the corporate compliance officer or compliance director for the paper due in Week Seven. Note: Read the Week Seven Instructions for the Assignment before you prepare your questions.

(this is the week seven instructions for the assignment, which i will post to be completed on a later time):

Interview a corporate compliance officer of any healthcare organization and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the organization’s compliance program. You can do this via phone, Skype, in person, or possibly even e-mail. How you obtain the information is your decision. Some organizations publish their compliance plans on the Web. It is fine to reference web-based resources, but it is essential that you make a connection with the corporate compliance officer to ask questions about his/her background, reporting relationships, and, if they are willing to describe what they believe are the greatest compliance challenges and successes they have faced.

During the course, we focus primarily on hospitals and healthcare systems’ compliance challenges. However, the OIG has created compliance guidance for every type of healthcare provider. So, feel free to select any type of healthcare organization to interview and analyze. In addition to hospitals and healthcare systems, other examples of healthcare organizations include pharmaceutical companies, durable medical equipment manufacturers, health insurers among others. You can search the OIG’s compliance guidance website for other examples.

Prepare a 6 to 8 page paper describing the organization’s compliance function. Include descriptions of the qualifications of the compliance officer, reporting relationships, how (or whether) the compliance plan contains the five key components. Using primary resources and APA format:

1. Analyze the strengths and weakness of the program. Identify compliance risks.

2. Make recommendations for improvement.

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