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The heat death of the universe seems to be a logical consequence of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Look for information about this theory and refute or support it

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The Heat Death Theory relates to thermodynamics. It was formulated in 1862 by Lord Kelvin, Hermann von Helmholtz, and William John Macquorn Rankine. It states that over time, heat will transfer from warmer to cooler objects and will eventually lead to a drop in temperatures everywhere. Temperatures will continue to drop until everything is equal, in which case, life would cease to exist.

According to Freeman Dyson, gravity will prevent the heat death from ever occurring. Dyson relates the heat death to what he calls the cooking rule. “Generally, the rule says that any object gets warmer when it gains energy, and gets cooler when it loses energy” (Dyson 2011). Like a steak on a grill. If this were true all of the time, then the heat death theory could be considered true. But, this is not true for objects of astronomical size because gravitation is the main source of energy. Dyson uses the sun as an example. “As the sun loses energy by radiation, it becomes hotter and not cooler. Since the sun is made of compressible gas squeezed by its own gravitation, loss of energy causes it to become smaller and denser, and the compression causes it to become hotter” (Dyson 2011). Normally, as heat transfers from a hot object to a cool object, the hot object loses energy, or heat. Astronomically large objects, like the sun, are dominated by gravitation so as a hot object transfers heat to a cooler object, it gets hotter. According to this, the heat death theory is impossible because temperature in the universe continues to increase. “Gravitation gives us a universe hospitable to life” (Dyson 2011).


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It’s one theory on how the universe will end: the ‘Heat Death’ – also known as the ‘Big Freeze’ or the ‘Big Chill’ – has been suggested as one of the ways in which the cosmos could come to an end, especially since it’s ever expanding (Lavender, G. 2013, May 17). This theory is saying that the universe will lose its heat or energy to self-sustain. When this happens, all energy will be evenly distributed throughout the cosmos, leaving no room for any reusable energy or heat to burst into existence. Processes that consume energy, which includes our very living on Earth, would cease. British physicist Lord Kelvin, who proposed the idea in the 1850s, referred to the loss of mechanical energy as the theory of heat. In fact, it has been suggested that the more the Universe expands, the cooler it gets.

I would have to agree with this theory because the way our solar system keeps expanding the heat will only dissipate. This process will slow the mechanical process of the earth and other plants allowing for life hard to exist. It’s not just the heat it’s the cold temperatures that will cause the biggest issue.



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