discussion 683

During the semester there will be a number of discussions online. You will be given a series of questions to answer in a posting of 200 – 500 words. Answers to the questions will need to be posted on the Wednesday of the week they are due. Then, you are to respond to other posts with comments of 100 – 200 words by the Friday of the week they are due. Grades for each answer will be based on completeness, the amount of examples used from the text, the in class films, the presentations, and the quality of analysis. Here is a chart summarizing the procedure:

Respond to the following question(s):

What factors have made it difficult for China to maintain its traditional culture in the modern world?

To what extent is China an “open” country in the world today? To what extent might China still be a “closed” country?

Describe how a confrontation between friends might be handled in China, perhaps differently than in Western cultures. What does this say about asserting yourself in every situation?

In Chinese society, to whom do you owe the most obligation? To whom do you owe the least obligation? What do you think explains this feature of Chinese society?

What aspects of today’s China do you think contribute positively to the world? What aspects of today’s China cause problems for the world?

What are some differences and similarities between what the average person in China wants out of their life and what the average person in the United States may want?

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