Diabetes Association , health and medicine homework help

Write 5 paragraphs about the following 5 questions. Each question should at least have 150 words. Please include the question contents in the document you are going to send me.

1.Diabetes is a serious disease. It is expected that it will reach epidemic proportions in the US within the next 10 years if our eating and exercising habits don’t change. Visit the Diabetes Association website to learn more information on the types of diabetes, common diabetes myths and to take a short quiz to calculate your risk of developing this disease.

From the main webpage Click on the “Diabetes Basics” Tab. Review all information under this tab. Then click on the “Are You at Risk” tab. Review the information under this tab and then take the Type II Diabetes Risk test.

When you are finished, share your results – are you at risk or not – and list 10 things that you learned from reviewing the materials on this website. You may wish to bookmark this website if you or anyone you know has diabetes!!



We all have to abide by a budget. Our budget can impact our food choices as well as our nutritional status. Check out MyPlate for guidance on how to eat healthier on a budget.

Visit the MyPlate website, click on Popular Topics, then click on Healthy Eating on a Budget. Review all the information on this page and be sure to click on all the blue links for additional information and handouts that you can print for future reference.

How will you (or did you) use this information to make healthier choices when shopping and preparing foods for yourself and your family?

3.Do you help keep Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and other fancy coffee stores in business? Their high calorie beverages are contributing to the national obesity trend. We are now consuming a larger percentage of our calories in liquid form than ever before!! Download (it will take a minute or so to download) & read the “Latteland” article. Write a brief summary of how you might be able to make better choices in “Latteland” armed with this information.

Latteland Article.pdf is in attachment file

4.Have you noticed that portions have grown? Over the last 20 years portions have tripled in some instances. More does not mean better!! Check out the website below and look at the slide shows for Portion Distortion I and II (Portion Distortion Interactive Quizzes Slide Sets in Powerpoint or PDF format). Then answer the following questions: What portions surprised you the most and why? Are you okay with or totally appalled by the size of the portions today – and why?


5.Heart Disease is the number 1 killer -and has been for decades! It is estimated that a quarter of a million deaths each year from heart disease could be prevented with better nutrition and more physical activity…and no smoking! Check out the American Heart Association website to review information and take the quizes to calculate your level of risk!

From the main webpage, click on the Getting Healthy Tab and then review each category of information (Nutrition Center; Physical Activity; Healthier Kids; Weight Management; Stress Management; Workplace Wellness and Quit Smoking).

From the main webpage, click on Conditions and then on Heart Attack. Review the information under each of the categories (About Heart Attacks, Warning Signs, Understanding your Risk, etc) . While in the section Understanding Heart Attack risk, scroll down and to the bottom of the page under the heading of Learn Heart Health Basics. Click on “Healthy Heart Quizzes” and complete any 3 of the 13 quizzes to learn more about a topic.

What quizzes did you take and how well did you do? After reviewing the information on all portions of the website noted above, list at least 10 things that you learned about preventing heart disease!


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